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Public Sector

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Safety in numbers

Dynama OneView provides compliance and clarity even when time isn’t on your side

The UK’s uniformed public services such as the police, prison service, fire and rescue service and the Border Agency keep us safe and secure. However, staff and resource deployment costs are major components of these vital services. This makes workforce and asset optimisation critical for efficient service delivery.

Scheduling for planned and unplanned events

In a sector where budgets are tight and staffing demands vary over time, depending on the calendar and public events both expected and unexpected, resource planning is based on historical experience of simple planning assumptions. The challenge is that many scheduling systems are not agile enough to react to changing circumstances when assumptions are incorrect. OneView draws on data from different systems to enable resource teams to schedule and control costs for day-to-day activities, planned and unplanned events quickly, efficiently and flexibly.

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​Dynama OneView enables the management of workforce competencies and training requirements for effective workforce deployment, project planning and resource allocation. It allows to capture and management of cost implications as a result of changes to workforce optimisation.

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Case Study:

​Royal Fleet Auxiliary

Royal Fleet Auxiliary uses Dynama for forecasting, resourcing, costing and understanding the deployment and tracking of crew.

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