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Offshore Engineering

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Maintain control of your most precious resources

While you do the planning, Dynama OneView sorts out the heavy lifting

Offshore engineering organisations rely on accurate up-to-date information on resources for safety and compliance. Workforce and asset scheduling is critical for ensuring projects are delivered on time and in a safe working environment.

Informed decision-making for project success

In an industry where penalties for regulatory non-compliance are high, offshore engineering companies have to ensure resources, including personnel and equipment, are deployed safely, efficiently and effectively. Retaining qualified, and highly skilled key people is essential. OneView provides a single central database for global visibility and workforce optimisation enabling informed decision-making for improved project and corporate performance.

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​"Since introducing Dynama we can look-up crew members around the world and see their work history and where they are working, then assign them to a special project or give them a new role based on their skills and experience."

Andrew Leys
VP Human Resources, McDermott International Inc
Case Study:

McDermott International

​Centralised real-time intelligence enables Houston-based engineering company to maximise talent and capitalise on new opportunities.

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