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Improve efficiency with intelligent planning

Dynama OneView keeps your organisation in order from boardroom to shop floor

Driving dynamic decision-making with a single integrated view of workforce and resource data, in an increasingly regulated world can be challenging. OneView optimises the effectiveness of skilled personnel and assets to help meet corporate objectives.

Enterprise-wide view of resources for decision-making

A complete, enterprise-wide view of resources and available skill-sets supports strategic informed decision-making that enhances corporate performance. From a single integrated platform, organisations can proactively manage people and resources in real-time, and use powerful forecasting functionality to plan complex programme management and workforce optimisation into the future. OneView reduces reliance on time consuming spreadsheets and project plans for enhanced decision-making and corporate performance.

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“A review into the links between Preparedness and Personnel & Operating Costs (PPOC) resulted in the establishment of the PPOC Reform Stream, as an element of the Commercial Strategic Reform Program. Dynama’s OneView is expected to assist in better understanding those links and the effects of adjusting the Commercial budget as operational and performance demands change and as Commercial manages the delivery of A$20bn in savings over the next decade.”

Anker Brodersen
Director General Commercial Preparedness, AIRCDRE, Australian Defence Force
Case Study:

Australian Defence Force

​Australian Defence Force uses Dynama for efficient force generation, preparedness planning and career management.

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