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March 12, 2019 in White Papers

Scheduling and Resource Management for Offshore Engineering

Ensuring regulatory and safety compliance whilst maintaining optimal resourcing levels and efficiently managing the complexities of remote operations are ever present challenges for the offshore industry. All too frequently however,…
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December 6, 2018 in White Papers

Scheduling and Resource Management for Cruise Lines

Ensuring regulatory and safety compliance whilst maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction is a common objective of all cruise lines. All too frequently however, the information and process challenges…
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November 22, 2018 in White Papers

Maritime and Defence Workforce Deployment – Different worlds, same challenges

At first glance, it might appear that maritime organisations and defence forces are worlds apart but probe a little deeper and there are many similarities, especially when it comes to the key…
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May 15, 2018 in White Papers

Are you ready for business change? – What can preparedness for GDPR teach us?

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the latest hot topics for all organisations operating in Europe regardless of their headquarters location. The broad applicability and wide…
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March 19, 2018 in White Papers

System Interfacing – The critical need for interfacing across information systems and processes

Effective scheduling and resource optimisation is dependent on accessing the right information at the right time. A lack of information or an inability to exploit it will adversely impact business…
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December 12, 2017 in White Papers

Maximising the effectiveness of national defence forces

The route to accelerated planning and timely decision-making Defence forces must be adaptable and responsive with the ability to shift emphasis rapidly between prevention, deterrence, protection and intervention. The nature…
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November 23, 2017 in White Papers

Scheduling in Dynamic Environments

It may be a truism but in complex, resource intensive industries, change really is the only constant. From the perspective of activity scheduling, resource optimisation and compliance management, such change…
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September 4, 2017 in White Papers

Ensuring Compliance

Compliance with ever changing regulatory requirements is a key issue and a significant challenge for organisations operating in regulated, resource intensive industries. The implications of non-compliance can be critical and can result…
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June 15, 2017 in White Papers

Enhancing Effective Staff Engagement

The importance of effective staff engagement on productivity, customer service and profitability has been demonstrated in multiple research studies. Complex, large-scale service industries can be particularly sensitive and yet it…
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April 10, 2017 in White Papers

Optimal Resourcing – Overcoming the barriers to effective resource optimisation

For all industries, resource optimisation is important; however for complex multi-skilled service organisations with varying demands and a constant need to ensure regulatory compliance it is critical. Achieving and maintaining…
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