Dynama publishes new White Paper: Maritime and Defence Workforce Deployment – Different Worlds, Same Challenges

By November 22, 2018July 14th, 2020Press Releases

Dynama, a leading provider of workforce deployment and resource optimisation software, has announced the publication of a new White Paper entitled “Maritime and Defence Workforce Deployment – Different Worlds, Same Challenges”. Dynama’s latest White Paper draws parallels between these seemingly two very different sectors and outlines the common set of challenges they face to maximise their human capital and assets in often dangerous, volatile conditions. It then discusses what the maritime and defence sectors can learn from each other by deploying the latest workforce deployment solutions available today.

Andrew Carwardine, Managing Director of Dynama commented, “At first glance, it might appear that the maritime and defence sectors are worlds apart but probe a little deeper and there are startling similarities.  Their sheer scale can be an opportunity but equally a threat to operational efficiency and even survival. As maritime organisations grapple with increased competition and consolidation, and defence considers the realities of cyber and biochemical warfare, both sectors are also struggling with skills shortages and retrenching budgets. Effective workforce deployment is essential and the best approach is to combine automated technology with people and processes. Our new White Paper explains how to tackle these hurdles head on through a series of strategies that focus on people, planning and scheduling and communication.”

‘Maritime and Defence Workforce Deployment – Different Worlds, Same Challenges’ is the latest in a series of White Papers from Dynama exploring key business issues faced by complex organisations in resource scheduling. It discusses how the latest advancements in workforce deployment can help overcome these challenges. For more information, visit www.dynama.global