Three Game Changing Rapid Response Solutions

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As we look to the future, as uncertain as it may be, we recognise the essential need for emergency response management tools to help business leaders make crucial decisions and get people back to sea as quickly and safely as possible. An effective response includes coordinated communications, reporting, tracking, treatment, incident management, and recovery planning.

There has never been a greater requirement for robust yet agile solutions that are people focused and enable efficient workforce planning. Sam Watson, Dynama Product Specialist, provides an overview of the Rapid Response tools included with OneView, the powerful technology that allows you to act with more speed, accuracy and efficiency to form the cornerstone of your COVID-19 response framework.

  1. Quick Reposting
    In the event of illness, or crew being unable to board a vessel due to restrictions, it is essential to have an responsive system that will enable you to promptly change start dates or reassign postings for multiple crew members. Large vessels and offshore engineering rigs have complex crewing and staffing requirements often carrying significant penalties for non-compliance with safety at sea regulations. This makes scheduling a challenging and time-consuming process. Reducing the burden on shore-side planning teams means better decision-making and savings in time and workforce costs.
  2. Alerts
    In the event of any change to an itinerary, such as unforeseen restrictions that affect docking and boarding, affected crew need instant notification of change to plans and their rebooking or reposting. This guarantees the right people are in the right place, at the right time without unnecessary cost. Management can be alerted to potential critical issues so proactive remedial action can be taken and crisis situations averted.
  3. Accurate Crew Management
    Constraints on docking and boarding in countries bound by quarantine or exclusions may limit crew options. Therefore it is necessary to be able to filter through available crew members quickly and identify those with the necessary skills and certifications who can board quickly. OneView manages evolving resource requirements at a strategic and operational level. The system is focused on the challenging aspects of full, predictive, and proactive people and resource management. OneView also interfaces with leading HR and ERP solutions to augment data and identify issues and trends.

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