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As part of our regular feature we bring you face-to-face with the people behind the scenes. This time Tom Daley talks about the graduate program and the connection between Chinese martial arts, alchemy and philosophy. He also enjoys making the improbable happen.

“Hello everyone, my name is Tom and I have recently finished the graduate program with Dynama. As part of the program I have undertaken a variety of projects which have given me exposure to different areas of the company. I’ve spent a lot of time working in support getting grounded with our products and gaining a valuable understanding of our customers. Since completing the graduate program, I have now joined the support team as an Associate Consultant and I am looking forward to progressing and developing my career with Dynama.

My previous career was in science, mostly because I was always the kid in class asking “why?” until no one could answer anymore, so I went searching for the answers myself. This led to me obtaining a Doctorate in Chemistry, specializing in catalysis which is the art of making something improbable happen. I hope I bring that to my work at Dynama as well!

Outside of work I have a variety of interests and activities. I play football regularly for the competitiveness and to keep in touch with friends. I’m a keen reader. I think that reading is like travelling from the comfort of your chair. Books also grant me access to different perspectives and experiences that would otherwise remain unknown. Whilst my reading list is quite varied, I have a soft spot for science fiction, my favourite being Frank Herbert’s Dune series (I’m really excited about the new film in development).

I have found that one interest leads into another and when I look back, I’m in a vastly different and more exciting place than where I started. For example, I’ve had an interest in Japanese anime and manga since I was young which led to me taking up martial arts. A brief free practice session with an Aikido blackbelt led to an interest in Chi, and to me practicing a variety of Chinese martial arts. This has since gone on to fuel an interest in Chinese alchemy and philosophy, and who knows where I will go next from here!

I’ve found that whilst it’s not always possible to predict where my interests will take me, I always enjoy the journey and learn a lot along the way. I hope the same occurs with my career with Dynama. I look forward to the new challenges ahead and meeting many of our customers.”

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