Meet the Dynama Team

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Our regular Meet the Team articles bring you face-to-face with the people behind the scenes at Dynama. This time Charu Mehta introduces herself for the first time although she has been a “Dynamite” since 2011 and talks about her love of speed.

“Hello everyone, I joined the company in 2011 as an Associate Technical Consultant and now work as an Engagement Manager. I specialize in designing and implementing solutions for our southern region customers. I also enjoy assisting different government departments convert their business requirements into functional software solutions.

As part of the Dynama Team I am responsible for making sure customer requirements are understood and designed in accordance with their business processes and requirements. I also help solve client problems, manage the financial aspects of contracts and ensure they are carried out according to agreed terms.

I always wanted to have a career in the IT industry, in particular, where I could combine my Masters of Information Technology from Central Queensland University and a passion for designing software solutions to meet business needs. Dynama has enabled me to pursue this career and my favourite things about working for the company are manifold.

However the top three favourites are creative thinking, utilizing my knowledge to help businesses fulfill their needs with our software solutions, and interacting with various stakeholders.

My interests outside of work include exploring new places and different cultures, meditation and helping other people when I can. However one of my true loves is driving cars at high speed (but always within the speed limit) maybe I should have been a racing driver?”

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