Is limited visibility of available skilled employees or a siloed approach stopping you from deploying the right people, to the right place at the right time?

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Lee Clarke says Dynama OneView has the answer.  Learn how to develop an effective global skills matrix and steal a march over the competition.  Here, he shares 6 winning tips.

Matching the right-skilled people to the right projects is fundamental to project success, business profitability and reputation.  But how do you have sight of your global available skillsets, resources and projects and then bring them together in one place?  Having a complete enterprise-wide view and a dynamic understanding of the demands on personnel and assets anywhere in the world is every manager’s dream.   It aids the development of fast and efficient planning, enabling a longer planning horizon and the tools needed to deal with changes and exceptions as they occur as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With Dynama OneView, realising the dream is within reach.  As a strategic workforce planning tool, OneView provides the ability to produce a skills matrix that instantly reveals the status of all staff competencies, qualifications, licenses and experience in a format that can quickly pinpoint issues and areas to focus on.  Whether it’s for auditing purposes, training requirements, project planning or documentation checks, the OneView skills matrix is always available for all locations and activities at the click of a button. It also significantly reduces the effort required to report on organisational effectiveness and can be a powerful differentiator when bidding for projects

One strategic workforce planning solution, one skills matrix, multiple benefits
Take advantage of Dynama OneView’s sophisticated features to boost performance and add tangible business value, all from the Cloud.  With automation embedded into its DNA, Dynama OneView has the power to turn workforce planning and resource management challenges into opportunities to enhance team and corporate performance.  Use OneView to derive multiple benefits including:

  1. Attract and retain your best talent. Slice and dice staff competencies such as how long an employee has been with the company, the department they belong to, their role and qualifications to effectively assign them to the right project, activity or task.  OneView provides a flexible way to manage your human capital in one simple-to-use integrated package.
  2. Highlight skills or gender equality gaps and build timely, relevant training programs. Be future ready. Use the skills matrix to determine what additional training each employee requires to strengthen your in-house capabilities, so you are prepared for changes internally and externally.
  3. Show you care about planning for the future and develop enduring relationships with employees by creating meaningful career pathways. At a glance, managers can quickly assess an employee’s suitability for promotion by comparing staff based on their grade, past performance and current skill sets to any role
  4. Why waste time and money on external recruitment when you have talent you can grow? Track employees and skills accurately then link them to specific roles.  Identifying the right person for the job guarantees the right-skilled resources are always in place, first time around.
  5. Effective compliance management is so much easier when organisations have a centralised skills matrix that shows conventions, regulations and issuing authorities along with the associated documentation to prove compliance.
  6. Win new business by easily proving your credentials to prospective clients. In an instant, Dynama OneView makes it possible to issue reports that detail ship and position compliance against a company’s published skills matrix. Organisations that are flexible and show they have the necessary people and assets typically enjoy greater business success.

Develop an effective skills matrix and pave the way to business success with Dynama OneView. To find out more, register for our ‘Overcome skills shortages, maximise talent and ensure safety‘ webinar below.

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Lee Clarke is General Manager, US/EMEA at Dynama