Case study: Van Oord

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The Solution

Before selecting a new solution, Van Oord undertook a review of its planning processes to establish its exact requirements. After a thorough selection procedure it finally selected Dynama. Van Oord chose Dynama primarily because it presented the most cost-effective option offering the functionality to support the majority of its processes from the outset and for its proven track record in the industry.

Van Oord deployed the Dynama solution, which it renamed internally as Global Resourcing Ingenious People (GRIP), to provide a single view of people and resources across the company and interface with the HR system to support integrated payroll activities.  In addition to core planning functionality, Van Oord installed a wide range of Dynama’s integrated modules including Onboard, Travel Management, Skill Management and the Notification system.

The Benefits

Van Oord is one of Dynama’s largest worldwide implementations and as it is rolled out around the world the benefits already being delivered include:

  • More effective ways of working and consistent processes through a single system
  • Integration reduces administrative effort, avoids errors and duplication
  • Quick acceptance of the Dynama system – planners see the immediate benefits of seeing and sharing the same information
  • Flexibility and high levels of customisation accommodate the different cultural and operational requirements of a large, complex organisation
  • Effective skills management matches the right people to the right jobs and identifies potential gaps in training programmes
  • Accurate, real-time data aids compliance with legislative and skills requirements of different countries
  • Better management reporting will lead to improved, more proactive decision-making and the ability to plan longer-term.

​​"In one single ship and shore system, planners at Van Oord wherever they are located, enjoy shared visibility of the entire company’s scheduling activities around the world. The availability of real-time data accelerates our scheduling processes and helps with effective management reporting that drives proactive decision-making and long-term forward-planning."

Robbert Ferwerda
Project Manager GRIP, SMD Systems – Van Oord
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