Case study: Australian Defence Force


The Challenge

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is tasked with planning, preparing and conducting operations for the protection and promotion of Australia’s security and national interests.

ADF operations serve three areas:

  • Defence of sovereign territory
  • Protection of overseas trade and offshore resources
  • Executing contingency operations in support of multinational operations or the UN.

Managing deployed units to meet these tasks demands precision, efficiency and value for money, especially when set against the Strategic Reform Program Delivering Force 2030, designed to produce an efficient and accountable defence organisation within the government agreed funding envelope while achieving savings of A$20 billion over 10 years.

Image credit: 1st Joint Public Affairs Unit, Credit LS Andrew Dakin, Copyright String Commonwealth

The Solution

ADF operational preparedness and career management was previously conducted using numerous spreadsheets and standalone database which was labour intensive and included manual data input. A new solution was required to transform data extracts into meaningful information within one system. By reducing the administration load the efficiency and effectiveness of decision-making could be improved. There was a requirement for the Army Capability Management System and the formal Force Generation and Reporting tool to use one database for all requirements along with users being able to produce quick, accurate, detailed reports at any time. Likewise integration with existing HR systems (PMKeyS) was important.

The Benefits

Benefits include:

Automatic generation of reports to identify vacancies, optimal replacements and create executive orders from a single source of the most up-to-date information
Full integration with the Army’s Capability Management System
Quarterly Synchronisation Conferences using consistent information drawn from the applicable levels of command
A simplified and accurate career management process including easy and secure access to career information data for improved decision making to ensure personnel are assigned to posts most suited to their aspirations and those of the ADF
Improved integration with the Logistic Planning System for great equipment management

Co-operation between the Royal Australian Navy and Dynama has been outstanding. We are on course to implement one of the most far reaching, cost effective capability management programmes to date. It will have material benefits to all Naval personnel and has the potential to improve retention in key areas at time of increased operational tempo, while reducing costs

DirectorNavy Personnel Information Systems Management

Case Study:

NATO Special Forces

​NATO uses a defence capability optimisation solution from Dynama for effective force generation, training and deployment of Special Forces teams.