Case study: ​Royal Fleet Auxiliary

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The Solution

A Dynama solution was implemented to provide the effective planning, deployment, tracking and utilisation of crews. The implementation of one solution, both ashore and afloat, has ensured consistency in the management of personnel with accurate, real-time information. The application supports many areas of human resource management including the appointment of RFA seafarers to the correct billets. Dynama is used to ensure that vessels’ databases are fully replicated to help the hub at HQ and that all locations are working with the most recent data, particularly regarding leavers and new joiners. This greater visibility enables the RFA to adjust policies and recruitment ensuring sufficient crew, with suitable skills to man the fleet of the future.

The Benefits

Operational benefits include:

  • Real-time visibility and accuracy of crew competencies – the correct person to the correct post/billets and linked to training requirements
  • More effective strategic planning of crew requirements – helping individuals to plan their own lives resulting in improved morale
  • MOD Approved Cash Accounting functionality – ensuring vessels follow government financial policy and submit electronic and hard copy auditable accounts
  • Eliminating paper-based and manual processes – reducing administration and optimising internal resources
  • Improved management reporting – helping to drive strategic decisions.

“The versatility of Dynama allows me to tailor the system to suit the needs of the organisation. This reduces support costs and allows requests for change from the users to be implemented expeditiously”.

Chief Officer Andy Cooke
RFA - Dynama Project Manager
Case Study:

Australian Defence Force

​Australian Defence Force uses Dynama for efficient force generation, preparedness planning and career management.